Saturday, March 22, 2008

Manhattan Fish Market

As with New York New York, our curiosity were aroused. Is the food really that good? Are the people at the queue know what they are in for? Or are they just waiting to find out?

At 2 plus in the afternoon, we managed to get a seat without having to queue. The restaurant was still quite packed even at this off-peak hour.

Cream of Mushroom (7/10)

Not rich enough for me.

Manhattan Caesar Salad (6/10)

So far, no other caesar salad beats my caesar salad at Spizza. None.

Fish and chips - Butter Cod (5/10)

Sorry to the many fans of Manhattan fish and chips out there. This is just my personal opinion. The fish and chips here doesn't work for me.

I ordered (presumably) the best type of fish available, butter cod, so that I can do a comparison with Greenwood. It seems like that was absolutely unnecessary. This fish and chips isn't anywhere near the standard of Greenwood. It was too oily for me and my poor stomach. I felt very nauseous for the rest of the day. ;P~~

Grilled Norwegian King Salmon Fillet

Took a bite. I didn't like it. Maybe it's just me, since I don't like salmon in the first place... maybe it's not. My hub had thumbs down for this too. :P

"Me and my old crab lives here!" This little sign on the wall did amuse me a little. kekeke


Plaza Singapura


Yvonne said...

i used to quite like their seafood platter but i didn't like it much when i went back during christmas last year~ their standard has gone down i think!

Food Lover said...

Yea... that happens at times. When complacency took over. :P Wonder if I should give them a second chance... hmm...

zhengning said...

I like the colour of the salad! Ha, especially the redcolour of the tomatoes, haha very vibrant hah(:
but well a pity it didnt turn out as good!

Food Lover said...

yaya Me too! Those vibrant colours! :D Maybe I was expecting it to taste as nice as it looks, so I was a lil' disappointed after taking a few bites. :P