Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kenny Rogers

So near, yet so far.

That was what I felt about House of Sudanese when I entered Kenny Rogers, which is just next to it.

My hub didn't get to have his Kenny Rogers for years... and yes, because I didn't want to. :P I've never liked the food there. I had my chance at Sudanese, so I guess it's only fair that he had his.

It was a complete different feel after the renovation. The last time we were there, it was still a dimly lit restaurant, with tables so near to each other, one can barely move around. And now...

Spacious. Brightly-lit. Clean cut. I prefer the current setting.

Chicken Caesar Pita (5/10)

Chicken was very dry and bland.

Italian green beans (6/10)

Potato Salad (7/10)

1/2 chicken (6/10)

I find the chicken dry and bland too.

Whipped potato (3/10)

I thought whipped potato can never go wrong. This whipped potato proved me wrong. It was totally tasteless.

Cheese Macaroni (8/10)

My hub's favourite. He likes cheesy stuff (pun intended). This dish was not bad, but it was so filling that I got sick of it after a few spoons.

Chicken Clear Soup (9/10)

I must give credit to the soup. It's delicious, with strands of chicken, a good mix of celery and a few unknown spices. I should have ordered just two bowls of this and probably a side.

Of so many items and main courses offered, to think the soup was actually the only thing that I liked in this restaurant. :P


Suntec City Mall
#B1-063 064

See that BIG crowd at the bridge? They were walking at 1 step per 2 seconds.

Oh yes. I was at the IT show AGAIN. -_-"


Yvonne said...

hey thanx for the comment! i really like ur blog too! ^_^

i went to at the IT fair too; the crowd was so terrifying that i could feel the stomping of the ground!

ice said...

hey dear!
keke. started blogging liao. =)
added you kae?

check out my blog name..i think i got the coolest one around... >.<

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Yvonne! :D

Wah... serious? hahah maybe the stomping was from me. Ate too much recently. LOL!

Food Lover said...

Yoz Ice! I waited so long for your blog, ya know? ;)

what about your peanut butter name for your blog? kekeke

Thanks for adding me! :) Updated your link in my blog too. ;)

ice said...

This blog name is actually inspired by a fellow flogger. =)

oh but my blog is kinda tone down version, just the crux of what I want to put across... more juicy details still in my reviews on HGW. coz I don't believe in rambling on my own blog. no one reads one!! >.<

Food Lover said...

I read! Pls update in your blog as well! copy and paste lah. ;)

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

oh u went IT show agn! so did u get what u wanted? hehe

Food Lover said...

No leh. :( I went there again with my hub to get his stuff. Saw many pple with Bravia 32inch, which is going off at only $899! >_<"