Friday, March 28, 2008

Seafood Harvest

I like the 'open concept' feel.

Cream of Mushroom (8/10)

Garlic Bread (5/10)

Too garlicky and no crisp to it.

Grilled Chicken and fish (6/10)


Fatty chicken skin

Wah... so glad that I sliced this piece of fat off.

Warm Salad with "Fish & Chips" (6/10)

I had enough of Fish and Chips after my last experience at Manhattan. This was my hub's. Too batter-y.

Mango Swiss Roll (9/10)

This was as good as it looked. Fluffy and not too sweet. The light but nice aroma of the mango-flavoured swiss roll still lingers. Yumsss...

$40.90 for 2 set meals that comes with soup, dessert and drink

Bugis Junction

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