Thursday, March 6, 2008

House of Sundanese

The whole world was there. Or so it seemed.

First day of IT Show and it was already that packed. I can't imagine what it would be like for the coming weekend.

I was really disappointed that I didn't get what I wanted. :( So I shall put a stop to anything relating to the IT show from here. *zip*

If it is of much consolation, my hub actually suggested dining at an Indonesian Restaurant. When was the last time I had indonesian food? Years ago! Throughout these years, I did suggest having that but was rejected each time. :(

My first visit to an Indonesian resturant was more than 10 years back at Sanur. I took a liking for the yellow rice, curry chicken and soto ayam.

The thought of having indonesian food once again really perked me up! Yay!

Emping (6/10)

It was rather tasteless, especially when I didn't dab into the chilli sauce. I guess the sauce was good because before I could take a photo of it, this was all that was left. :P

Tasteless as it was, I kept helping myself to the crackers one after another. Must be the hunger.

I know that such snacks are not complimentary, but I was shocked to find out that it cost a good $2.80! That's rather expensive as compared to the vegetable dish of only $5?

Soto Ayam (10/10)

How I miss my soto ayam! I can still remember the taste of the chicken broth till today. Before I even opened my mouth to order this, the waiter beat me to it. "No more soto ayam"

*thunder and lightning*

There was a long pause while I frowned to accept this fact. It was really disturbing. The rating's for the soto ayam I had years back.

We proceed to order the set for 2, which includes the following.

Ayam Bumbu (9/10)

This is the type of curry I like most! Not too thick, and of course, not too diluted or watery, with a good mix of fragrant spices. Very mild in terms of spiciness. Sedap!

Grilled Seabass (8/10)

Don't be deceived by the looks of this fish. Although it looked as if it was dished out (charred) from an overheated wok by an inexperienced housewife, its taste is far from that. Both of us agree that it reminds us of satay, just that this is fish flesh we are talking about.

Kangkong Cha (10/10)

The BEST kangkong I've ever ever had. I really have the urge to try cooking this dish someday. Till then, I hope I can come back more often to eat this. Boy, I am already craving for it now...

Buffet dessert

Banana fritters and Mango ice cream (7/10)

This mini banana fritter really met the mark of what I deem as a good one. Sweet on the inside, crispy on the outside. Definitely much better than that of Bangkok Jam. The bite-sized portion was also an added bonus.

The only ice cream available was mango. Not our flavour.


Hub had his favourite pineapple. Hmm.. pardon my ignorance. I didn't know that pineapple goes well with sauce and chilli seeds?? I still find the combination weird.

They were some other desserts such as papaya, watermelon, kueh, agar agar.

That's about it for the set meal.

I ordered a drink because it sounded quite special.

Lime and Barley mix (7/10)

I can only say that this is a subdued version of a typical lime juice, which I sometimes find too sourish to finish. Adding the barley to the lime drink did work for me.

What a delectable, satisfying, lip-smacking meal! :)

Friendly, helpful, proactive waiters and waitresses

$57.32 for the set for 2, 1 plate of emping and 1 drink

Suntec City Mall


Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

i went IT show too! i was so crowded and messy till i decided not to my camera. haha.

dont be disappointed, perhaps u will find smth cheaper and better at other places :)

oh the ayam bambu looks sooo yummy! -slurps-slurps-

Food Lover said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jaime! :) The product I wanted will only be released in Apr/May. Till then, no other shops in Singapore will have it. Looks like I can only wait.

Yes, the ayam bambu is delicious! Oh no, you are making hungry again just after my lunch! kekeke