Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wongkok Char Chan Teng

Iced honey peach passion fruit tea (6/10)

Hmm.. that's a drop from the previous rating of 8. My mom and I find it too sourish.

Lemon Chicken Rice set (8/10)

Chicken Baked Rice (8/10)

It seems like I have recalled Jaime's recommendation wrongly. It should be pork chop. :P Anyways, the chicken baked rice was quite nice too. Very filling though. I couldn't finish it.


Bugis Junction


Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

haha yes it's pork chop...but ur chicken one looks nice too. oh i always wana try the manhattan fish market..cuz everytime i pass by, i can smell the aroma thats coming out of the restaurant...well from ur review...hmm seems like FISH & CO'S fish and chips is nicer? :0

Food Lover said...

kekek ya lor. I only realised it's pork chop when I came back and read your comments again. ha!

heheh for now, Fish & Co seems to be better than Manhattan. Of course, Greenwood's still the choice!

But sometimes it really depend on luck and the chef. Maybe you should go try Manhattan one of these days to satisfy your curiosity? Just like what I did. Tasting is believing. :P

Anonymous said...

I am wondering what is the camera model you used to photo? Very clear! I think you should also try the "dun nai" something looks like steam egg!

Food Lover said...

Hi Anonymous! I am using Canon powershot A630. Frankly speaking, I only find the clarity of the photos taken by this camera so-so only. I have seen so many better ones! :P

Oh yes, I have heard about the steam egg too. Thanks for the recommendation! ;)