Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chocolat N' Spice

Retiring at the age of 40+, he is the envy of many, me included.

But that sets me thinking.

Is it better to slog your life away (leaving very little time for entertainment) when you are younger (20s-40s) and retire earlier, or to enjoy and 'lax' a bit while you work till the retirement age of 62, 65 (sorry, I lost track)?

We met a couple during an overseas trip. They retired 1 year ago at 50+ and have been travelling around their own country in a caravan since then. According to them, they have worked hard enough and it's time for them to enjoy. Fair enough.

While I can share the joy of them reaping what they sowed, a part of me wonders. What if someone worked his/her lungs out, but did not get to enjoy what they have sowed?

You know what I mean.

Illness, accidents, 'acts of others', blah blah blah. In this world of uncertainties, nothing is impossible.

So, what's your take on this?

Ok ok, I digressed. Let me try to link back.

Let's see. Where were we? Oh yes, this semi-retired person we know was the one who introduced me to the food I am going to talk about now. How's that? :)

'You should try the muffins here! Just go straight and you will see a queue. It's called Chocolat N' Spice', he recommended. He sounded so enthusiastic (as he always is) about the muffins that my hub and I just have to check it out.

It was not even noon and the queue was already there.

We wanted to order juust one muffin to try, but we were 'pressured' into buying another when all those in front of us ordered a minimum of 5! >_<

Chocolate chips muffin (9/10)

Looks like my favourite mushroom! :D

Please pardon the blurry photos, once again. My hub kept asking me to hurry as many people were watching us. :P

Fluffy, soft and not too sweet. Nice! Even my hub who doesn't like muffins and stuff find it good. More chocolate chips, please! :)

Banana Walnut Muffin (8/10)

Pretty good as well, but chocolate chips reigns! ;) No photos as we had it in another place, under the watchful eyes of many. :P

$1.10 each

Blk 1 #01-18
Tanjong Pagar Plaza


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