Friday, March 14, 2008

Thai Express Bistro

"I am waiting for you at Thai Express"
"Huh? Why Thai food again?"

"I thought you like Thai food?"

Thai food was probably not what I have in mind for dinner back then. At least, not at Thai Express. But well, it was really nice of hub to suggest a place in which he thought I like, so I went along with it. Besides, he was already in the restaurant when he called. :P

Green Curry Chicken (6/10)

The chicken was quite rubbery. :P Bangkok Jam's green curry were certainly better.

Square Tofu (8/10)

Comes complimentary with Standard Chartered card. Goes very well with the Thai sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Meatball Tung Hoon soup (9/10)

Probably just what I need, after the recent series of heavy meals.



Raffles City Shopping Centre

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