Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sakae Teppanyaki

Salad (7/10)

Chef cooking our garlic rice. First off, the eggs.

I really like the little 'bin' at the side where the chef can dump the burnt and unwanted food into. If only I have such a big 'wok' with a bin at the side! Cooking would be such a breeze.

See the container on the right hand side? It contains the 'element' that I will be complaining on almost every single food item coming up. :P

Soup (7/10)

Garlic Rice (7/10)

Seriously nothing special. Shouldn't have spend a few dollars to 'upgrade' from the plain rice. :P

Salmon (7/10)

Not too bad! For someone who doesn't like salmon. There wasn't a strong fishy salmony smell. Tad too oily though.

Beancurd (8/10)

Probably the best dish of the day. Out of so many. :P The sweet sauce and mixed vegetables complements the tofu very well. My hub wasn't the least impressed. "It's just tofu". That's true. But when you had a whole series of food items that were only so-so and oily, this tofu really stood out. :P


They didn't have any more oysters. So they used scallops as a substitute.

I really dunno how to describe the taste of this 'thing' they called scallops. My hub pushed the whole plate to my area after taking one bite. Ay, I also don't want! >_<

Chicken (6/10)

Wayyy too oily.

Mushroom (7/10)

This mushroom dish is pretty acceptable. But again, it's the oil that puts me off. I don't remember the food being so oily when I had Korean Teppanyaki in food courts.

$49.40 for 2 (oily) chicken sets, upgrade to garlic rice and one cup of green tea

Bugis Junction

Overall, a not so pleasurable meal and an expensive and unhealthy one at that. >_<
Total word count of 'oil' and the likes in this post: 6!

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