Thursday, March 27, 2008

QQ Noodle House

I was attracted to the name of this restaurant, but was undecided whether to take the risk of dining in an unfamiliar place...

Ok, I admit that I made up my mind after seeing these. :P

Sambal Fried Rice (10/10)

This is the plate of delicious fried rice that my mother has ordered. It is of the same rating as that in Lemongrass, but tasty in its very own way. The sambal was evenly coated on each grain of rice. The whole plate of rice was hot (in terms of heat and spiciness) and I could only think of a word to describe it. Shiok!!

When she saw that I enjoyed the fried rice so much, my ever-so-selfless mother kept asking me to take a few more spoonfuls. Luckily, I managed to hold myself back from doing so, else she would have ended up taking my noodles for dinner instead. LOL.

QQ Noodles with Char Siew (7/10)

Actually it's not that bad too. The char siew and meatballs were ok. The soup was exceptionally tasty. My mother was helping herself to the soup too. hehz... the only imperfection comes from the noodles. Too chewy and 'Q' for me.

Ngor Hiong (6/10)

Even my chin-chye mother also 'hiam' that the ngor hiong are not crispy enough. A bit oily too.

$16.50+0.40 for 1 glass of plain water >_<"

231 Victoria Street
(Just opposite Parco Bugis)

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