Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pin Si 品食

When I first saw the name, Pin Si, I thought it translates to '品思', a name which I find rather unique and nice, never mind what it's supposed to mean.

Then, I realised it's actually 品食. As if I have some shares in this shop, I was pretty disturbed by the mismatch. :P Erm... is that a typo error on the hanyu pinyin or is there something I don't know about the translation? :P

Anyways, we decided to give this relatively new restaurant a try.

Pork Chop with Chef's sauce (7/10)

Braised Mushrooms and vegetables (5/10)

Quite bland

Plain Rice (3/10)

Too dry and hard. It was so difficult to chew, let alone digest. The shape of the bowl is pretty unique, but that's beside the point.

'Fresh' drunken prawns served in herbal soup (5/10)

Initially, I find the soup base quite nice. Unfortunately, the prawns were not fresh and it sort of marred the taste of the soup. >_<

We were not the only ones who were dissatisfied with the food. The person on the next table actually ordered another dish because the one she has ordered apparently was rather inedible. o_O


Ok, they were friendly, they were prompt in serving but they were veeery blur.
First, we were asked if we ordered Fish with Rice, when we did not. Then, we were given some noodle dish topped with mushroom, which we thought was our braised mushroom and vegetable dish. They came along again to ask if we ordered coffee, which again, we didn't.

Don't they have some kind of systematic ordering system to follow, instead of playing the guessing game? Obviously the compartments and the many wooden pegs tucked at one corner of their counter were under- or not utilised.

Came one of the friendly waitresses with a feedback form. We don't usually comply with such requests, but this time, our urge to feedback was so strong. hahah it was mostly on the quality of the food. The lack of it, that is.

In a rush to clear the dishes, one of the waiters tripped me on my way out. Easy, man. Easy. >_<


Amk Hub
(unit for the previous Wow!Noodle)

When we were at the exit of the restaurant, my hub asked, "Are you going to come back again?"

No prize for guessing it right. It was a flat 'no'.


Yvonne said...

urgh i hate dry and hard rice too!

Justin said...

cool blog, original yet so nice to read keep it up. Btw i suggest you have a Cbox or something. Would be nicer i guess:)

Food Lover said...

Yvonne: Yeah. it's hard to swallow. >_<

Food Lover said...

Thanks for your compliments, Justin! :) You have an interesting blog too!

Oh yes, I have thought about having a Cbox quite some time back, but didn't really get down to it. Maybe I will put up one when I am less occupied with my other stuff.

Thanks for the push. Hehz...

Pin Si said...

Hi Food Lover,

First and foremost, thank you very much for visiting Pin Si AMK Hub Outlet. We sincerely apologise on behalf of our staff for the disappointment we've brought you with regards to the quality of the food.

We've taken note of it and have already started improving on the quality of the food. For example, we've already changed the type of rice we're using and trying our best to ensure that all ingredients are of best quality when being used.

We're glad our service staff appear friendly. As for the system, we're already working towards improving them.

Thank you very much once again for your precious feedback! We're glad to have you as our customer and would like you to know that we value each and every feedback from you. =D

We sincerely apologise again if we've caused any unhappiness in your dining experience. And really hope that you would visit us again.

With Regards,
Pin Si Kitchen Pte Ltd

Food Lover said...

Wow. Thanks for dropping by. Glad to know that your company takes feedback so seriously and is seeking ways to improve.

Looking forward to write a more favourable post on Pin Si on my next visit. That is, if I managed to convince my hub to go. :P

Pin Si said...

Hi Food Lover,

It's our pleasure to be able to visit your blog.

Thank you very much for giving us a 2nd chance. We will not disappoint you this time round.

Hope to see you soon!

With Regards,
Pin Si Kitchen Pte Ltd