Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lotus Thai Viet

Whenever I go to a food court, I will usually walk one big round before deciding what to have. Sometimes, I ended up ordering food from the first stall I passed by. :P

This time, I zoomed straight into Lotus Thai Viet. I knew there are still many dishes waiting for me to try.

Minced Chicken Omelette with rice (9/10)

I wanted to order the set, which consisted of the main (above), a bowl of tom yam soup and fried spring roll. Auntie later apologised and said that they ran out of spring roll. I had no choice but to take the ala carte rice with omelette.

As I stood there waiting for the dish to be served, I started to have doubts. "Geez... is this appetizing enough to finish? It's just rice and omelette. Should I change my order? But t
here must be a reason why two others have chosen to have that too, huh?"

The omelette, as unpromising as it looked, turned out to be great! It had a light crisp on certain areas and a consistent savoury flavour throughout.

Just the omelette to go with the rice and I am contented.

I can hardly find any minced bits of the chicken though. :P

Soup (7/10)

Auntie was nice enough to offer me a bowl of soup even when I did not take their set meal.


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