Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee

Oops! I... did it again.

I told myself to stay away from these unhealthy food. No laksa for the week. No curry to go with mixed rice, bee hoon or roti prata. Not a drop. No, no, no!

I had them all this week.

I just couldn't resist it. I surrendered to the aroma. To the vibrant and appetite whetting colours. To the...

I mean, just look at this.

Curry Chicken Bee Hoon (9/10)

I am sure you can understand why I broke the rules?

Say! Why are food created such that good taste and nutrition doesn't work hand in hand? Most of the time, it's an either-or. >_<"

In any case, the 'damage' was done. I (consciously) walked up to the stall and ordered what I wasn't supposed to.

No regrets though. It was a real steal.

The chicken was tender, the curry was superb. I would say the gravy tasted more like laksa to me, but this is exactly why I like it so much. Not so thick, that is. :P

This stall was not only featured in Makansutra and some newspapers but also won some food award for 07/08. Although all these awards are actually quite common nowadays, not all the stalls with newspaper cuttings or awards live up to their name. Ah Heng did.

$4.50 (for a kopitiam price, it's on the steeper side. Value wise, it's worth it!)

Golden Shoe Food Centre
50 Market Street (Raffles Place)
Level 1 Kopitiam


Justin said...

This stall is good but standard not consistent among the different outlets..but i think the best outlet would be at jalan bukit merah that

Food Lover said...

Wow. You went round trying? Thanks for your info! Can't wait to try something better than what I deem as good!

Justin said...

had the chance to try a couple of stalls..but damn fattening really must cut down ah :D

Food Lover said...

Indeed not too good for health if taken in excess. Everything in moderation. :) May I know where this stall in Jalan Bukit Merah is? It's quite a long stretch of road. :P

Justin said...

Block 163 Bukit Merah Central


Food Lover said...

Oh, there! I always give that hawker centre a miss because it looks dark and gloomy. Hehz.. didn't know that there are hidden 'treasures'. Thx!