Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cathay Snacks

Just watched 'Horton hears a who', on the account that it was from the same creators as 'Ice Age'. :P

The animations were not bad, but I wasn't tickled.

I was intrigued, though, by Horton's thoughts. He believes that there are tiny people living in the speck that he sees. He feels that maybe these tiny people aren't small and that he is big. Maybe there's even someone out there bigger than him and his world, and he and his friends are actually the small ones.

"Are you looking at your reflection in the river or is the reflection looking at you? Which is real?"

I still remember this sentence from my literature teacher, even though it was more than 10 years ago. Although most of my classmates dismissed this almost immediately, I pondered over this for quite a few days with all the 'what-ifs' in my mind.

Oh ok. Enough of my out-of-the-world thoughts. :P Back to the food.

I watched Horton at AMK hub. I must say that this cineplex really offered a good variety of food for cinema goers. I even saw cakes at the display. :P Just want to share what I had.

Breaded hotdog (8/10)

Would be better if it was served hot.

I was too busy taking photos to notice... :P

Cathay Cineplex


Yvonne said...

im thinking of watching horton too... was it nice enough for u to recommend watching it?

and i like cathay's popcorn! ^_^

Food Lover said...

Really! so you like watching animation movies too. ^5

IMO, it is certainly not as nice as Shrek and Ice Age, in terms of humour, that is. I like Horton for its graphics. It goes down to every little detail.

Overall, 'watchable'. kekeke After watching, let me know your views too ya?

hehehe how different is the cathay's pop corn from the others? Was always distracted by the more unique food Cathay offers, so didn't really try their popcorn.

Yvonne said...

^5! Hehe yah i like animation movies like finding nemo, the incredibles, shrek... etc!

hmm not sure whether i'll go watch horton now that u said it's not that funny... if i do i'll let u noe my views too! ^_^

i feel that compared to the other cinemas, cathay's popcorn has more caramel and thus sweeter! hehe~ plus i think cathay's seats are more comfy too so my 1st choice for movies is always cathay!

haha i sound like i'm promoting them!

Food Lover said...

So! Humour is of priority to you too! ^.^

Then again, humour is pretty subjective. There was once I laughed (till I teared) when nobody else was the least amused (ok, maybe just a handful was). >_<

Wah, if my hub reads what you wrote, we will definitely be going to Cathay and cathay only from now on. hahaha My hub and I are always 'fighting' for that few pathetic caramel coated popcorns out of that big packet we bought at GV. LOL!

Yvonne said...

haha yah lor yah lor GV's popcorn only got a few miserable caramel coated popcorn! mebbe u guys can try cathay's popcorn next time!

and i find that GV's seats very hard! u think so?

Food Lover said...

hahah sure will!

Now that you mention, I do notice I get bum-aches when the show is longer than usual! LOL. :P