Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quick Bite

"Shall we take a quick bite at Quick Bite?" I sms-ed JN.

I suggested that not because of any good reviews or whatsoever, but because the name of the snack stall matches with what we were going to have before rushing for our 730pm show. Sounds silly right? :P

Anyway it turned out that the food was not bad!

Original Lover (8/10)

The rice tasted great with the sauce. Its level of sweetness was just right. The chicken meat was tender and savoury. It would be at least a 9 if not for quite a few charred areas. No good for health. *wags forefinger*

JN wasn't too impressed with what she has ordered though.


$6 inclusive of passionate fruit drink
Value for money!

The Cathay

My firsts.

That was the first time I have my meal at Quick Bite, the first time I have been to The Cathay (yes, I am that sua ku) and the first time I watched a movie with JN!

But this is certainly not the first time I am watching a dance movie. Those who catches dance movies regularly will more or less know the copy-and-paste plot. It usually involves delinquency, a guy and a girl, one of which is forced to do a dance he/she doesn't like and ends up putting a great show with the support of his/her partner. Those who were initially against them will always smile in approval after watching their performance. :P

This is with the case of "Step Up 2" that I have watched today.

Those who are looking for some interesting or new plots can forget about watching the show.

Having said that, I still find that movie rather enjoyable. Not in terms of plot, of course. But rather, on the moves (as always).

I particularly like the part whereby the actor do the pull-and-let-go action with the actress (as seen on the bottom of the poster above). Very natural. I love the soundtrack, "Low" by Flo Rida too. Makes me wanna grooove to the music. And yes, Andie's so chio and sexaaay, especially when she's drenched! *drools* :P~~~

I hardly have friends who likes watching hip hop dances too. In fact, JN's the only one I guess. So if you are reading this, JN, thanks for jio-ing and for being such a great company! :)


Yvonne said...

hehe i like watching hip hop moves too... pity i can't do it! haha~

i watched the first step up movie; didn't catch step up 2 though! and yeh i like the songs too!

yah im a night owl! what time do usually go to slp?

Food Lover said...

Really! hahah it's good to hear! You should go catch it. Think not many show left.

Yvonne, you are still so young. If you are realy interested, you can go and sign up hip hop classes. It's quite fun!

I try to go to sleep by 1am if I am working the next day. Are you still studying?

Yvonne said...

ooh u attended hip hop classes before? i'm not a very good dancer! =(

yah im still studying~ i should really make myself slp earlier!

Food Lover said...

me neither! kekeke I joined hip hop lessons for the fun of it. Can be a good exercise at times. :)

ya... But I can understand why you sleep so late. too many things to do, right? :P