Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mcgriddles Sausage & Egg

Sometimes, you just want to try out that new product even before getting the facts right on what you will be getting.

Mcgriddles Sausage & Egg (6/10)

Fans of Mac's hotcake would probably love this...

... for they are nothing more than sausage and egg sandwiched between two slightly sweetened hotcakes. My hub love it. =/

If there's any Mac breakfast that I have enjoyed most in my life, it has to be the sausage biscuit! Alas, they stopped selling this about 2 decades ago.

The last time I had that was in the US few years ago. I would kiss anyone who can prepare an authentic, hot sausage biscuit for me now. o_O

Sausage biscuit (10/10)

*sings* 'Nothing compared to youuuuu'


ice said...

hur? You mean they are serving the sausage biscuit now? How come you have the picture here? =S I love those too!

Food Lover said...

No, Ice. Sausage biscuit is extinct in Singapore. That's why I joked about giving a kiss to whoever can get me one. :P I got the picture from the web.

Glad to know you like those too. Perhaps we are from the same generation? kekeke

ice said...

cheh...I thought they are also having this as a new item.

yup yup we are definitely from the "same generation". :)

Food Lover said...

I will queue up at Mac every morning if they have that! kekeke :D~~~