Saturday, April 19, 2008

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits

Hubby brought me to T3 today. Spacious. I like the smart design of having aluminium louvres to reflect sunlight into the building... That's about it. :P

I can hardly find clusters of people around, like I always would in the other two terminals... until I went to the Basement 2... coz that's where all the food are... :)~~~

I am not a big fan of Popeye's cartoon, but I thought I should give this a try. It is not everyday that I visit Changi Airport, ya know? ;P

Chicken Combo (9/10)

Yvonne, I seriously think you should go down and have another go! The chicken is so tender, juicy and yummy! :) I certainly prefer that to KFC's! :P

The biscuit was good at first sight bite, but too bland for my taste buds after subsequent bites. It tasted so much better after spreading the jam. A typical example of something that cannot be eaten on its own. :P Why am I thinking of my sausage biscuit again? >_<

Fries (9/10)
Whipped potato (10/10)

The fries were crispy and moderately spiced. It resembled Mac's curly fries except that it wasn't curled. Nice!

The whipped potato were exceptional, I tell ya! It's a must try! KFC's whipped potato all of a sudden seemed so starchy and inferior. :P

Chicken Fillet (7/10)

There must be a reason why nine out of ten people in the restuarant ordered the chicken combo. I happened to be the 10th! It's really a mistake on my part. W
hy didn't I open my eyes big big to observe what others had before ordering? Oh ok. Actually it wasn't that bad... as long as I don't compare. :P

very sloow service. My hub queued for a good 20+ minutes.

Forgot to ask / too hungry to ask my hub


Yvonne said...

yeh im planning to go for another try soon! i dunno why the chicken on the day i went was so dry!

did u try their coleslaw? i thought their coleslaw and fries were pretty good!

and i'll try their whipped potato too the next time i go! ;)

SJ said...

i like the mash potatoes too!!! and tts the only thing i've tried so far...

think i'll have to drop by T3 soon to try their fried chicken....! =D

Food Lover said...

Yvonne: No, I did not. :( but I will definitely try it on my next round. I can already imagine what's on the popeye's table on my next visit. Chicken combo, coleslaw, whipped potato and maybe fries, if there's still stomach space. hehz... :D

Food Lover said...

SJ! Glad you like the mash potatoes too. I think everybody likes them! :)

Yes, please do try their chicken... :P~~~