Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks

One of my friends once told me, "Our local Shih Lin chicken cutlet is nothing compared to the authentic Taiwan Shih Lin night market's chicken cutlet."

I have tried the Taiwan's version. Yes, the one with the super long queue.

I too, queued (in the drizzle) for a good 20-25 minutes just to buy this 'must try'. :P Frankly speaking, I felt that it was over-rated by many.

Taiwan's Hao Da Chicken Cutlet (7/10)

My friend's comments kept me well and away from the local Shih Lin's stall for quite a while. I mean if I consider the authentic one so-so only, how much better can the local one be?

My curiosity gave way.

Shih Lin's famous Chicken Cutlet (9/10)

It was fried to a golden crisp and was still piping hot (I can still see the steam after minutes!) when it was served. *crunch crunch* The spice that was added after frying also gave an extra punch to the end product!


The Cathay


Yvonne said...

woohoo! i quite like the local shih lin chicken cutlet too! especially the spices!

Food Lover said...

yeah! ^5! Now I can understand why there is a queue.

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

i love their oyster mee suA! :D havent been to taiwan before, but alot of my friends also commented tt taiwan chicken cutlet is good! would love to try it someday! haha

Food Lover said...

I have yet to try that! :P

Yeah... you go try the taiwan version and let me know your verdict ya? ;)