Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Grill @ Hill Crest

Many people who have tasted wagyu beef go gaga over it. I wanted my hubby to try it too.

After weighing the pros and cons (Les Amis Au Jardin was wayyy beyond my budget) and a few rejects because some restuarants were not opened on Sundays, I settled for 'The Grill @ HillCrest', just a few steps away from our favourite Fish & Chips restaraunt - Greenwood Fish Market.

When we were shown the menu, we were told that they don't have this, they don't have that. Just when I was about to scratch my head and ask myself what lousy restaurant I have found, I was told that this is actually the last day of operation before they close for renovations. Ahh... that makes sense not to order too much food then.

Bread (8/10)

Nice. The butter that were served were exceptionally rich and creamy. Butter will never taste the same again! kekeke ^.^

Mushroom Cappuccino (9/10)

Unlike the one I had at New York New York, the added cappuccino 'effect' worked much better. At least, it blended in well and didn't taste like it was a deliberate addition. There were hardly any mushroom chunks in the soup, but this can be easily overlooked by the great taste of this soup.

Mushroom springroll & Salad (9/10)

I should have taken a picture of what's inside! Perhaps I was enjoying the sauced contents inside the crispy pan fried springroll so much that I have forgotten all about it.

Seabass with Asaparagus (5/10)

I didn't like the seabass because it has a fishy smell. Surprisingly, my hub doesn't find so.

Crispy oven baked Cod Fish with red wine sauce (8/10)

I have asked for the red wine sauce to be placed separately. I took a bite without the sauce and it was already so good. The fish itself, as bland as it looked, was actually quite flavourful with a tinge of sweetness in it. The sauce, on the other hand, looked like it would enhance the taste of the fish, but didn't.

After we were done with the main course, my hub asked if I wanted to have dessert. Knowing that the cake will be coming up anytime, I came up with the excuse that I am too full to have any dessert (which is somewhat true too).

I waited and waited, but the cake didn't come. I started to wonder if they have forgotten about my plans when I made the reservation over the phone.

Came the waiter with the dessert menu, making recommendations to my hub. I was like, 'noo.... please don't ask him to order the dessert'. It was at this moment when the waiter look down at me and winked at me with a smile. That was when I was assured that everything was going as planned. Phew!

Still, there was quite a long wait after that. My hub kept asking me to finish my juice so that we can call for the bill. I said ok and sipped my drink slowly, while glancing at the glass window reflections to look out for signs of the cake.

Finally, they came with the complimentary birthday cake and birthday song. My hub thought that it was for the table behind him. When asked why, he replied he didn't see me walking up to the counter to make this arrangement. *slaps forehead* Of course, I won't do that. It will be too obvious, isn't it? There's such a thing call phone lor. hehz...

I am glad they manage to surprise him.

I was surprised too! By the extra effort they made in writing 'Happy birthday, blah blah blah' beside the cake. :)


The service was exceptionally good. Very friendly group of staff that makes you feel at home the minute you enter the restaurant.

$138 (the same amount as nogawa!)

2 Greenwood Avenue


Nic (KHKL) said...

i've tried fish with honey mustard sauce but not red wine reduction..interesting...haha, Au Jardin is quite expensive, i must say...

nice blog you have!

Food Lover said...

Thanks! Au Jardin is very expensive indeed. :P

I like your blog! Gonna add you.