Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

I have heard / read all the good comments about Greenwood Fish & Chips. Without a car, I knew that It's hard to convince my hubby (or even myself) to go to this secluded restaurant in Bukit Timah with me. So I exchanged my credit card points for a S$20 voucher at this place. :P So in a way, we were 'compelled' to use this voucher before it expires in February. >_<

We were greeted by fresh fishes (reminds me of the layout in Perth F&C restaurants) before entering the dining area.

We were asked for the type of fish (Sole filet, Barranmundi ,Snapper, etc.) we preferred and the way it is going to be cooked (Pan-seared / Fish & Chips style, etc). We chose Barramundi, Fish & Chips style (which we came here for) and the crumbed version over the battered one.

Bread (7/10)

Looks like a slice of cake to me. :P

Broccoli Soup (8/10)

The colour of the soup appears nothing like a Broccoli Soup (I was expecting something more greenish... :P) Nevertheless, it was rich, creamy and nice.

Fish & Chips - Barramundi, Crumbed (10/10)

Glenn Ong once commented that the best fish & chips (in his opinion) in Singapore is at Greenwood.

I have to agree with him on this one.

There was really nothing to pick on about this dish. The vegetables were nice and fresh. The fries was hot and crispy and it didn't turn soggy even after some time. We wondered how they managed to do that.

The fish. It was crispy on the outside (something that most of us have taken for granted). I guess the difference was that the fish meat remained moist and tender after all the deep frying. Check this out.

I daresay (IMO) that it's even better than the fish & chips in Cicerellos, which is famed to be the best in Perth!

Friendly and prompt



$47 (before using my $20 discount voucher)

34 Greenwood Avenue
(Enter by Hill Crest)

We spotted 3 Porsches during our 5 minute walk out to the main road. :P


ice said...

woa u & hub eat so little only?! just one plate of F&C? go all the way there...

Food Lover said...

LOL! No way, man. We both ordered the same thing, so I only took a photo of my share. hee!

I see that you have not gotten your camera!

ice said...

wa but so boring leh...both of u ordered the SAME thing?? but there's so many fishes! >.<

heard there r other nice dishes u may like to check out here! the escargots look yums! :)

Food Lover said...

LOL! but we really enjoy what we were having, so no regrets. :) Anyway, there's always a next time, ya?