Saturday, January 5, 2008

Petit Provence 2

Thanks to Ice (I don't have his/her link), I got to know that they actually have another outlet at The Central.

It wasn't a deliberate trip down to The Central, but I am glad that I was there. I wasn't expecting to see any wassants as it was already evening when I reached. Still, I decided to drop by to see what other goodies I can spot.

I saw chocolate wassants. Not the usual raved cream wassants, but yea, chocholate ones. Still a wassant! So I have decided to buy 2 to try.

Chocolate Wassants (10/10)

hmmmm.... It was sooooo good. Soft and fluffy, sweet and tasty, as described in its
website. It's not drying at all. I can actually do without water after consuming it without getting an irritated throat. This is usually not the case when I take bread/pastry.

Immediately after I have popped one into my mouth, I had a craving for another! If we weren't heading for a group dinner, I could have bought 2 more to have for dinner! :P

I am going to get more of it this week and on every subsequent visit to The Central. hehz!

Unfriendly and impatient girl at the counter.

Only 50 cents for 1 tasty wassant! Grab liao lor. ^_^


The Central


ice said...

hi darling, glad u got your wassants finally..WA...hope u liked them!

I'm personally not a huge fan of these tiny babies, prefer their older(bigger)cousins anytime! >_<

yeah..u were right about me not having any link coz i was too lazy to sign up. but thanks to that comment..i finally got down to register for one..whether or not i really start to blog is another it'll take me real discipline to update it frequently! prefer reading & eating! haha.
oh anyways i do have a flickr account. i upload my food pix there. prefer this method of sharing my yummy food!do check it out! :)

Food Lover said...

Hee! If not for your recommendation, I probably wouldn't have explored into the basement. :P

Yea... blogging can take quite a bit of time. :P Looking forward to your official 'opening ceremony' of your blog. 'Invite' me on that day yah? lol!

Been to your website. Very nice and mouth-watering pictures you have out there!

Judging from your comments, I dare say you are a 'she'. ;)

ice said...

wa haha.guys also love desserts u know! For all you know, i may be a guy in disguise. lol!

for a start i can't even decide the name of my about ilovepeanutbuttertoomuch.blogspot? Wa haha.

btw i just started reviewing on hungrygowhere. it's easier there lah. so see lor my reviews if you are free. :)

hey go get a flickr account! it's more interesting out there in the flickr community! do keep me updated if you do! >_<

btw, my flickr is going into hibernation for a week.oh no..i've not stopped eating..just that The Equipment is happily holidaying in Osaka now.Without ME!!! ;o

Food Lover said...

hahah ilovepeanutbuttertoomuch.blogspot sounds cool! At least, I know you won't have a 'username not available' message popping out! LOL

Wow... your descriptions of the food are so detailed, I can almost taste it! :P

I just noticed that you can actually do a mouseover for comments on specific parts of the photo. Now, that's something new to me! hahaha sure, once I get a flickr account, you will be one of the first I report to! kekeke

Meanwhile, use your phone cam and keep me drooling! :P

ice said...

actually i'm quite a boring eater. if i like something i go eat that thing again & again all the time!
presently i'm in the french toast w peanut butter & eclair i go everywhere & eat those. LOL. then all my pix will be so boring haha.
other stuff i eat are simply not cam-worthy lor.. about eattoomuchsweetsformytooth.blogspot.???'s getting longer. fone cam is so lousy i don't even want to use it.will just wait for The Equipment to land upon singapore shores this sun. Humph.Then it will be very buzi next week!!! coz i'll give it no

Food Lover said...

wahaha... looks like you really love peanut butter that much huh? I guess you better stick to 'ilovepeanutbuttertoomuch' then. kekeke

Why didn't you go to Osaka with whoever-took-it?

Wah... this means that I am expecting a lot of food reviews from you next week?! Looking forward! :P~~~

ice said...

neh..this week so far has been boring food..besides pasta@pasta de waraku(yuk.see my review@HGW)it's been french toast w pb.french toast w pb.& more french toast w pb!!!wa to review?? >.< u koe there was one time in my life i got a unagi phase i ate nothing but that slimy thing every meal!LOL!!

bad food no pix nv'mnd! ;p

dun even hv a blog.only post on flickr if got nice ones..& write on HGW..

eh The Sister stole The Equipment for her archi field trip. if its for a holiday, i sure go!then my flickr will be full of sushi, sashimi & tempura!actually i got another cam..but it's so lousy it will make my chocolate cake look like poo-poo!

next week i try to be more adventurous lor! meanwhile i just write on HGW..go see see! :)

Food Lover said...

yep... I saw your review. I did a review on that some time back too. It doesn't taste as good as it seems. We were deceived by the displays huh? :P

LOL I know what you mean. For a period of time, my dessert was nothing but Almond Jelly! It takes a while for the crave to go away. heh!

Urgh... shouldn't have read your super-detailed review on HK cafe at this this late hour.

"I am not hungry. I am not hungry. I am not hungry..."

ice said...

sori i ramble too much. i'm in love with words. keke. coz i taught before mah..then also did editing for awhile.

u see? that's y i can't hv a blog. i write too much. ppl wun wan to read. they prefer short sweet reviews w alot pix to drool at.& only if u are those really FAMOUS floggers like ChubbyHubby/Skinny Epicurean(my fav) etc..your blogs wun get many hits anyway..(Hey!i'm not saying nobody reads yours! I do rite??keke.)

So i rather write on least u know there's this greedy community out there who reads your comment too. hey go write there!!!easier too! :)

btw I HEART HK cafe!! ate there like twice this wk le. & guess wat i ate everytime? haha.

Food Lover said...

I can see that you love writing! But nah... it's alright. This space is yours. ;)

LOL! It's ok. You are right, anw! My hits are certainly way lower than that of Chubby Hubby etc. In fact, I hardly thought of even comparing with these celebrities!

I started the blog with the intention of recording down the places and food that I have been to. Of course, it's an added bonus that I have regulars like you who visit my blog often despite the less than satisfactory photos (trust that better ones are coming up!) and my erm... my below-average ang mo and limited vocab (that can't be helped!). hahaha!

I have some reservations about writing in places like HGW because I can't write as well. At least in my own blog, it's like my own space. I can digress a bit (or a lot) and not feel restricted or responsible for delivering a well-written review across. :P But such places work well for you because you sure can write! :D

What did you have at HK cafe? Let me guess, let me guess! Hmm... French toast with PB? LOL!

ice said...

wa haha.LOL.

i dun even hv to order. the waitress order FOR me. LOL

more reviews on HGW...+ ermm..not so nice comments left (which i deleted wa haha..)see? the whole world who eats reads your HGW stuff! oh oh..better write more positive stuff before i get blacklisted. ;p

kim gary's coming up..& no points for guessing wad the review's about...>.<

ice said...

heehee was at central yest for lunch@wakashachiya that curry udon place.thanks for your recommendation on your blog! was quite good i must admit although there wasn't a single soul in the restauarant the whole time i was there!! LOL!
had the set of udon+2 pc teba. nice leh. hot! then i greedy add cheese+age-nasu. walau! :p

THEN i saw your little wassants fresh out fr the oven downstairs..haha. thought of u immediately! :)

Food Lover said...

Wah! hahah I am glad you liked it!! What?! Not a single soul? You went there during odd hours?

hahah same here. I thought of you whenever I am Petit Provence! I didn't manage to get it the second time, though. :( Now you make me crave for it again... :P

ice said...

no leh i was there during the lunch hour!! maybe too ex lah.keke.

haha. wassants were there but i never buy... :p

Food Lover said...

hee... ok. :P