Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hang Heung 老婆饼

My hub bought 老婆饼 for his 老婆 (me) to snack on. How sweet! And how timely! I was famished because I had a quick and early dinner today.

He boasted, "This is imported from HK one ah. Only selling at Taka Atrium now."

The next moment, I spotted this.

"They have a cake shop in Singapore lor!" My lor + exclamation mark seemed to have shaken his confidence a little.

"Issit?" he asked sheepishly.

As I was typing this, I think he's right! :P I mean which cake shop would locate itself in the high floors of an office building? :P

Anyways, The 'wife cake' was a little warm when I took it and that's always a plus point for me. The crust was good! I am sure you can tell from the following photo ... :)

老婆饼 (8/10)

I can't say the same for the fillings though. A little too bland for me.

$8 for 6 pieces

Orchard Road
Takashimaya Atrium


ice said...

hey the LPB fr leung sang hk pastry is not bad too! have u tried?

main branch@sago str chinatown & another branch @tiong bahru jalan merlimau opp TB plaza near your home! rite?? :)

i like the polo bao. >.<

Food Lover said...

No leh... I've not tried. You seemed to be very familiar with all sorts of snacks! :O

Hee.. it's not really near my house, but will go and have a look when I am there! :D

ice said...

ROFL!! have you forgotten wad i wanted to name my blog?? i eat too much sweets/ snacks for my own good!! wahaha.

heh. i tot u live near the alexandra, bt merah area coz your foodie places mostly arund those places mah...

Food Lover said...

Haiyo... tat's because you can afford to! I saw the post in the forum about you being slim... hee!

ice said...

am really too thin. think got worms in my tummy. wa haha O_O

Food Lover said...

Envious of you lor! You can eat whatever you want without having to worry about this and that. >.<