Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Template

I've changed the template to a cooler and brighter look, while retaining the shades of blue.

I have also changed the photo on the top as the previous version went out of alignment in the new template. Not to worry, this photo will not be permanent... I will get something really nice and appetising up once I have the time. Meanwhile, my favourite ripper and fries rules! ^-^

I guess it would be a long long time before I changed my template again. The change messed up the alignment not only for my photo, but the content of my posts as well. I spent a few hours just to get everything in place! :P I guess for an IT dummy like me, I betta religiously stick the type-attach-post routine, rather than attempting to do something butt-itchying.

On a separate note, Nuffnang has started to run ads on my blog. The first is a Nike Women's Ad!

I wonder if this is a 'reminder' for me to start my exercise routine again? :P

It's actually quite fun to create my own sports outfit in this website! :P Reminds me of my childhood days when I experiment different 'clothes' on my paper dolls... This, is my ideal figure outfit.


Rose said...

Hi! Your new template not bad, simple and easy to read! :)

I like your photography skill too. Those food photos make me go hungry!

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Rose! Your blog has a simple and nice template too. ;)

Nah... my photography is still not very good, but I am currently trying to improve on it. :)

Kaiyi said...

Hi I just realised you've linked me. I've linked you up at my blog too :)



Food Lover said...

Cheers! :)