Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Disney Naturally!

First visit
I wanted to dine in this restaurant almost immediately after I spotted the Disney theme. There were not many customers then but my hub refused to enter as it was too 'kiddish' and it was for family 'with kids'. I am an old adult with no children to bring in as excuse, so too bad for me lor. :P

Second visit

Maybe my hub dotes on me too much. Maybe he just doesn't want me to keep pestering him like an over-aged kid. :P He finally succumbed to dining at Disney Naturally with me. But it's not like you-want-you-get. The restaurant was full when we reached there. So my hub quickly put his name down to reserve a place for the next day

Third visit
Finally, we managed to get a seat on our third visit. Ironically, there were only two other groups at that time. No need for reservations at all. :P

Before we get to our table, we were shown to the cashier. I was feeling so sheepish when the waitress introduced their system to us.

"Ok, because this is catered mostly to kids..." - Alright, I am not a kid. And thanks. :P

"We want to encourage kids to order food for their parents. So what you have to do is to pay upfront for a card with a $2 deposit (we recommend $30 for a start) and place your order with this menu and the card."

"Go and order", urged my hub, after we have ticked on the menu. "You are supposed to be the kid."

"..." What can I say? I was indeed the 'kid' who wanted to dine in a Disney environment. So I obediently bring the card and menu to the counter to order. We wanted Fairy God Mother's drink, but because they ran out of this 'most popular' drink, we have to settle for the second 'most popular'. This.

Price Charming's Kiss! - fruit blends of strawberry and mango (5/10)

It looks 'strawberry' enough but I thought I was only slurping ice. Unevenly crushed and tasteless ice, that is. :P Is that how Prince Charming's kiss is supposed to be? Poor Snow White. hee! So moral of the story is, 'we should settle for nothing but the best?'

Snow White's Pot - Daily Special: Beef Goulash

Ratatouille's Recipe - Daily Special : Clam Chowder (9/10)

Clam's chowder has always been a no-no for me. Never liked clam. But I made it an exception to order this as I have read good recommendations on the soup online. It was indeed good and so was the bread that came along with it! Yums! The taste of the clam became so overwhelming towards the end though, so I didn't really finish it. I can imagine how tasty their chicken or mushroom soup would be (if they had one!) :)~~

Mickey's Classic Pizza - Tomatoa and Mozzarella Cheese (7/10)

I wanted to order the pizza with cajun chicken. Somehow, we ended up with this - only tomato and mozarella cheese. My hub kept telling me that it's good that we keep the pizza plain as it is, instead of having too much meat. He's right too.

Oppps. I didn't wash my hands. Mickey's not around to catch me, is he? :P

We get to watch disney cartoons when enjoying the meal. Kids get to surf internet at one corner too (forgot to take photographs of it). I saw one Daddy seated on the mini stool to surf net. LOL.

Kids and child-like adults will like this place!

$36.60 (we had to top up another minimum of $10 because we only had $30 in the card. Very troublesome lor, if you ask me. After the whole meal, we still have to do a refund at the counter to get the change of $3.40 and $2 deposit back). Why can't they do the direct and straightforward way? Oh yea, the kids. Dang. :P

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ilovepearly said...

I like to try some of that mickey pizza

Food Lover said...

Looks very tempting huh? :) But you should really try the soup. It's much better.

ice said...

is this place good? wa haha i stumbled upon yr blog only bcoz i was looking for reviews on this 'kiddie' place!!LOL.

that mickey mouse pizza looks like a big joke. but if i go there i wan eat that lor!! so cute!! :)

Food Lover said...

yea. I guess all pizzas come in 'that' shape. Do avoid the one I have chosen, though. I believe other pizzas with some meat in it will taste better. :P

Kaiyi said...

Hi I've set up a new food blog. http://eateatenate.blogspot.com May I link u?

Food Lover said...

Of course you can, Kaiyi! ;)

I have added you too.

Disney !!! Yipee said...

Is the food very gd ? Cheap ? i came upon ur blog when i was goggle searching for Disney Naturally Home Page . I hope i can go this wkend there are so much things to do there and so fun !!!! I will end here bye !!!

Food Lover said...

Hi there! The food is not bad (but the 'Prince Charming's kiss' is not to my liking) and I would think it is reasonably priced (the payment system is quite troublesome though).

Let me know how you find it too ya? :)

Anonymous said...

tried calling this place but realised it has since close =(
wonder y... no customers mah?