Monday, December 31, 2007

Zhou's Kitchen

We were supposed to be in Disney Naturally today. IF only we have hasten our pace. Yeah, the last empty table was taken by someone before us just because we were 30 seconds behind them. :P We looked through the list of restaurants in Anchorpoint and decided to go to either Jack's Place or Zhou's Kitchen.

When we were at Jack's Place, the place was already full. We were shown the 'New Year's Eve' Menu which was obviously overpriced to ka-tuk people who just want a good dinner on New Year's Eve.

I decided that we are not going to be their carrot. So we went to search for Zhou's Kitchen. We have no idea where this 'Copperdome' in Anchorpoint is. Just when we were about to try our luck outside, we spotted Zhou's Kitchen, outside the shopping centre and next to the bus stop. :P

It's another restaurant under Tung Lok Group. Zhou is the surname of the founder of TLG. Don't you think the logo is kinda creative, combining both the words, 'Zhou' and 'Zhuang' together? :)

I included this photo to record down the fact that we were already full after eating this. :P

Lime with Aloe Vera (7/10)

We wanted Pineapple with Apple which is supposed to 'aid disgestion', something we needed very much! LOL. The waiter came back to us and said that they ran out of those fruits and recommended this (for beautiful skin) instead. :P

My first few sips was good. Thereafter, it became to sourish for me to finish it up. :P

Vegetarian Roll (7/10)

Sauteed Beancurd with Mushroom, Shredded Pork and Leek in Spicy Sauce (8/10)

Nice sauce we have here. :)

Fried Pork Ribs in Fruity Sauce (9/10)

When it was served to us, we were rather skeptical of whether the correct dish was presented to us. I mean this is pork ribs, right? We casually remarked, 'Why are there no bones in this pork ribs dish?'. The waitress replied, 'Oh. maybe it's inside'. She must have thought that we wanted the bones, but we were actually happier that there were none. :P

That was so yummy delicious. The sauce was tangy yet not so sweet. The meat was so tender, it tasted more like chicken. Everything on this was wiped out in a jiffy. :D

The young bespectacled waiter was super friendly. On top of that, he did everything from making recommendations, taking down the orders, serving the food to the billing. Everything with a smile. Every boss's dream employee. :P

$50.80 (We consider this quite reasonably priced, considering the good food and the classy environment). However, the other table with 4 pax only spent a few dollars more than ours (the bills for the two tables were unintentionally swopped). I wonder what they have eaten. :P

Anchorpoint (oppsite Ikea Alexandra)
Copperdome (Although it's considered part of the shopping centre, you have to get out of the building to reach this place). The restaurant is in a building by itself.

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