Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant

My mum used to tell me how I enjoyed having my meals in this restaurant and how I ate many bowls of porridge even though I was still very young then. It makes me really curious if the dishes are really THAT delicious.

It was until I read that the Taiwan porridge Restaurant is going to close down for developments in Kallang that I thought, 'You mean it's still there?' :P

So I decided to jio my family there to relive the times we had in this restaurant when I was very young (though I can remember nothing more than pink bowls and a dim environment) and the tasty Taiwan porridge we had in Taiwan few weeks back.

Look at how thoughtful they are in the design of the the cup... Thoughtful, but obiang. :P

Taiwan Porridge cooked with sweet potato (8/10)

We were given free flow porridge in one small bucket.

Chye Poh Omelette (8/10)

I ate a lot of the omelette even though I am not a fan of chye poh. :P See how good it is?

Promfet in Black Bean Sauce (8/10)

Frankly speaking, fish was the last thing on my mind to go with a porridge. I think the combi just doesn't go well together. Well, I've changed my opinion. This does go very well with porridge. My mum and I love it.

Braised Beancurd (9/10)

Ahh.. the favourite dish for me and my brother. Surprisingly, this is not the 'signature dish'.

Salted chicken (6/10)

Too saltish for my liking.

Snow balls (forgot the full name) (7/10)

It looked so much better on the menu. :P

Almond Jelly with Longan (9/10)

This is the type of Almond Jelly I like most! When I asked my mother whether she prefer the one I did or this, she actually paused for a good 5 seconds before replying that mine is better because of the stronger almond aroma. LOL. How sweet of her!
I would say I prefer this to mine! :P


Surrounded by waters...

The interior. Pretty empty for it's a weekday night.

The view from inside.

We were seated near the windows. See that few rims of lights across the sky? Was pretty amazed to see that on the preview screen after taking the picture because I ain't no professional photographer and I did practically nothing but a point-and-shoot. Kinda cool how the photo turns out yeah? It's as if there were some treasure where the rims of lights meet. hehz!

On a side note, I used my bro's camera (only 5M) for the photos above. Not very used to it.

Ooook lah.

$61.50 for the above. $16+ for just the fish! $4.50 for the bucket of porridge (it's probably $1.50 per pax), $6.50 for the snow ball dessert and $5 for the Almond Jelly. $2 for the salted vegetables (appetiser) and $3 for tea/towel/peanuts.

50 Stadium Boulevard
- a $7 taxi ride from Kallang MRT station during peak hours on a wednesday evening.


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