Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jewel Box - The Altivo Bar

It's been a year already since we last visited this place. We couldn't get a good view of the Harbourfront Centre last year as we did not make any prior reservations (the thing is, that seat was left empty for the whole night till we left! grr...) Anyway, my hub made a booking way in advance so that he can get me the seat he promised me. The following is just a side view from where we were seated.

Some beef main course

Baked potato that comes with the beef (8/10)

Cod Fish with asparagus (10/10)

Kudos to the chef! It was one of the best fish main course I have taken. Ever. The fish was cooked just right. There were no fishy smell/taste, as it would in some fish meals I had taken.

A lot of effort, I guess, was put into the mushroom sauce for it complements not only the fish, but the asparagus that comes along with this course too. I gobbled up every single thing I called food on the plate within minutes. :P~~~


The 'snow' came flying from the roofs at 8pm sharp. It was a spectacular view. Very romantic and dreamy. Perfect for someone like me, who still lives in 'fantasy island'. >.<

It's a pity we were rushing off for a show at the magical kingdom, else we could have spent more time at this 'hot spot'.

Service (1/5)

Seriously, not that good. The waitresses are not very professionally trained. To begin with, some waitresses from China are not very well-versed in English. We had to keep repeating and rephrasing our requests before they understood it or before we gave up. :P The whole procedure of having to buy 'entry tickets' and where to go for the dinner and the show was communicated to us rather poorly.

What's more, we were given inconsistent information. We were told by a waiter that they can reserve the place at Altivo for us while we watch the show at Magical kingdom, but before we left, the waitresses said otherwise. There were some other issues, but it might take a while to explain. :P Generally, we didn't like the service there.

$128+ for two main courses, 1 orange juice and 1 glass of wine. :P Thanks for willingly burning a hole in your pocket, just to let me enjoy the night, hub. Love ya! :D

The Altivo Bar
109 Mount Faber Road
Singapore 099201


OTC said...

This was one of the place that i really hope to be there.. is nice.

ice said...

yo fr yr pix i swear that fish is salmon!!! ;p

Food Lover said...

hmm... don't think so. I don't like salmon and I will never thought of ordering something I don't like. But yea... it does look like one.