Thursday, December 20, 2007

Roma's Deli

We wanted to avoid the crowd in Bugis. So we headed to Shaw towers with the intention of catching a movie. Seems like they were only screening 3 movies!

My hub spotted an old Buddhist Reverend coming out of an italian restaurant that sells pastas and pizzas. Out of curiosity, he went to have a closer look. Guess what? That's a vegetarian italian restaurant. How very interesting! So, that, became the place we had dinner.

Please pardon me for the blue tinges in the photos that follow. Can't really help it as the lights were rather bluish over there. :P

Mushroom Soup (9/10)

Garlic bread (9/10)

This vegetarian restaurant does not use garlic in their food. So what goes inside this 'garlic' bread? It made it all the more amazing how they can make this garlic bread taste like one. In fact, I would say it tasted even better than the authentic ones that we usually had! It's fragrant and got a light crisp to every bite you make. Almost wanted to skip taking photo of this, but am so glad I didn't, coz I wouldn't have photos to show you guys then! :)

Hot Green Tea (9/10)

I don't usually take photos of beverages, but did so because

1) not many restaurants offer Hot green tea as their beverage. Usually, it's the cold version.
2) the cup's big enough for me. Not the usual mini sized cups that I could have finished after a few sips.
3) of the colourful christmas lightings that were reflected on the drink. hee!

Pizza (3/10)

I have warned my hub against ordering a pizza, but he refused to listen. See lah... he only had a piece of it.

Chicken and Mushroom baked rice (8/10)

Pretty good! The cheese (I suppose they do use diary products?) was not too heavy and the ingredients beneath it were tasty and healthy. This was the first time I had brocolli in my baked rice. :)

Pretty prompt in serving

It's cosy and has that christmas feel. There are also nice, big photos of ingredients and food on the walls to whet your appetite before your food arrives. :)

$20+ for two main courses that comes with soup, 'garlic' bread and a beverage.

100 Beach Road
#01-23 Shaw Towers


ilovepearly said...

I just finish dinner, but looking at that made me hungry again.

Food Lover said...

LOL! that happens to me all the time when I look at my own food blog! :P

ice said...

hey so wad did they use to make the garlic bread?? so mysterious...

Food Lover said...

no idea! Help me ask them if you are there nxt time! hee!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the workers working there and I happen to pass by your blog. Hmm, we uses herbs for the garlic bread and yes, the cheese is vegetarian too! :D