Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Changing Appetites 2

Back to this restaurant in less than 3 weeks! This time, I've got a seat that allows me to do a better snapshot of this signboard. ;)

Don't you feel like slugging around on seats like this, on a lazy afternoon?

Buffalo wings (8/10)

Black Pepper Mushroom Chicken with Rice (8/10)

Arhh... comes the important part of this post. Desserts!!

Heaven in the mouth (10/10)

The name for this dessert can never be more appropriate. Every bite I took was soo... erm... heavenly. :P Even my hub who claimed that he has never liked desserts, took quite a few spoonfuls! I can still taste the Tiramisu and chocolate lingering in my mouth right now! YUMS! ;P~~~ Sorry to make all of you out there salivate, but the only solution I can provide you right now is to go visit this place, quick! heh...

Hub paid $30 plus for this meal.

For details on the place, etc pls refer to the previous post.

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