Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baystreet 21

I can still remember how disappointed I was 2 years? back when the waitress told us that the restaurant will be closed down for renovation for a year. Time flies, this restaurant has re-opened for 6 months already.

My hub and I have not forgotten about this restaurant, or rather, the food it serves. :) As soon as we touched down at IMM, we began our search for this restaurant. We almost thought that it has changed its name to streetz (happen to be another restaurant of a similar name), but we managed to find the restaurant tucked in one corner of Level 2.

Ah... this piece of paper on the table hasn't changed one bit. :)

My hub said he wanted Assam Fish even before looking at the menu. I guess that dish really set quite an impression on him. All main courses came with a soup, a dessert and a beverage. This was his watercress soup.

Watercress soup (5/10)

We kept pushing this soup to each other. :P

Assam Fish (6/10)

My hub was very dissapointed with the Assam Fish. It didn't have the flavour that he used to like and it wasn't fresh, according to him. The gravy tasted fine to me, but I had to agree that the fish wasn't fresh.

Came the Tom Yam Soup that comes with my main course.

Tom Yam Soup (8/10)

Curry Chicken (9/10)

The curry is superb lor! ^_^b Thick but not chokingly spicy. My hub kept digging into my dish. :P

Look how I drenched my rice with it? Sedaappp!

The chicken was not that tender though. My hub remembers that it was better previously as they had used the whole drumstick. This dish could have been perfect. 1 point off for the chicken. :P

One thing I like about this restaurant is that they allow you to choose your dessert from a wide variety. It's not like they dictate what you have for your dessert, like in most restaurants. We were given the choice of watermelon, beancurd, tapioca cake, marble cake and waterchestnut agar agar. We wanted the agar agar, but they ran out of waterchestnut. :P

Tapioca cake (8/10)

I hardly take tapioca cake, but this one's goood!

Soya Beancurd (9/10)

Smooth and it's the melt-in-your-mouth kinda beancurd. ;)

It has 'brighten' up from its previous setting, yet maintained the cosy feel.

Generally good. We feedback the taste of the Assam fish to the waitress. Although she could not comprehend why we didn't like the Assam Fish (she got a 10/10 positive feedback from customers on this dish so far), she said she will take note of it and kept apologising to us (we didn't really expect that).

$30+ for these two very complete meals. Good deal, sia!

IMM Building

It seems like my hub won't be returning to this restaurant, at least not so soon. Maybe I should bring my mum here one day. I miss the curry chicken gravy already! >_<

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