Monday, December 10, 2007

Cafe Brios

When J described how fantastic the food in this place is, I knew I just couldn't reject (or resist) the offer to have this one-for-one buffet dinner together. We thought that there will be very few people on a Monday, but the turnout was pretty good!

Chicken Soup (8/10)

Popiah (8/10)

We found one more thing in common - we prefer not to have chilli in our popiah. :P

All things western

Some braised chicken - on the left (8/10)
Some baked potato dish - on the right (9/10)

Love it!!

All things jap

Inari and Tamago (7/10)
All others (2/10)

J was raving so much about the salmon sashimi (especially after dipping it into wasabi), that I had to try it for the second time. So I took a small piece to try. It didn't work for me. Again. :(

All things asian

Lotus Rice (7/10)
Cauliflower (7/10)

Kung Pao Chicken with Lychee (8/10)
Now... that's special. Though I have no idea why they included lychee in this dish. I would think that they wanted to sweeten the dish with the lychee but it turned out that the lychee was 'flavoured' by the sauce instead. Still, it's something new worth trying. :)

That's J's plate. Don't you think it looks extremely appetising with the plate full? :)

My plate's kinda empty. So I have taken close-ups for the food on my plate. I'm not too much of a person that goes for sweet stuff, though I am not too sure if I am still like that after this visit. :P

Chocolate Mousse (8/10)
Chocolate Mousse with chocolate syrup and chocolated-coated peanuts. Very chocolatey. :P

Marble cake dipped into fondue (10/10)

This has to come first for the desserts I had that day. I love marble cake and I love chocolate. Combine the both and I will have (I actually had!) a second helping, even though I was already full. >_<

Peach cake (7/10)

Some pistachio dessert (7/10)

Chocolate Ice-cream with strawberry and white chocolate shavings (9/10)

I know the presentation's a lil'... but that's so me. Bochup. :P

Banana crumble (8/10)

J was making all the Ooos and Ahhss in front of this dish. After tasting, I came to see why. :)

Oneh Oneh (9/10)

To be honest, I seldom eat Oneh Oneh and I didn't have a good impression on the taste for all my previous tries. But when I sunk my teeth into this 'ball', I was surprised! The skin is soft and the 'juice' just squirted out like that from the corners of my mouth (aiya! wasted). Maybe I should try making some myself one day, to experience the 'squirting' all over again. Kinda fun, ya know? :P


Not bad

$47+ for two on a 1-for-1 promotion. J decided to foot the bill as a form of celebration for my birthday next week. How sweet. Thanks, J! :)

Grand Copthorne Waterfront
392 Havelock Road
Singapore 169663


ilovepearly said...

Looks good....drooling!

Food Lover said...

Yeah... a colourful lot, huh? Not advisable to look at such photos when you are hungry. Makes you hungrier! heh...

InspiredMumof2 said...

OMG, this is a must visit for me. I love desserts!

Food Lover said...

hahah bet you will love this place. There are more desserts made available than what is shown on my blog! Do share with us what you have eaten, after your visit! :)