Monday, December 31, 2007

Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant

I have warned him that since he is such a fussy eater, he won't like the food in this restaurant. He still insisted on giving it a chance. Ok lor. :P

Chicken Sukiyaki (6/10)

Pork Hot Pot (6/10)

Potato Cake (8/10)

Tofu (8/10)

Chocolate Furtado (10/10)!

The chocolate coating was superb! Yums!

After we are done with our meal, he said, 'We can only come back for the dessert!'

Told you. :P

Poor. Impatient supervisor (I think) who used so much force while clearing the plates that the liquid splashed onto the table that we are going to be seated at. Another waitress was better.

Tiong Bahru Plaza


Anonymous said...

Branches: TBP, Suntec B1, China Square Central.

Food Lover said...

hee.. thx for the info, Anonymous.