Saturday, December 1, 2007

Changing Appetites

Don't you think the deco is very hip? and very suitable for youngsters like erm... me? *grins*

Ok, fine. I am not young anymore. Still, this is a place worth checking out.

I love it when they make it so christmas-y. Such Christmas trees are common, yes. But it's oh, so essential in building up the mood for the festive season.

Sometimes the serviettes given to us just ain't enough. All restaurants should consider using tissue dispensers like this.


Fajitas main courses come with soup-of-the-day, drinks and dessert.

Chicken Chowder (9/10)

One of the best soup-of-the-day I have ever tried. Really. It's nothing like those thick and starchy chicken soup. It was more fluid, but not to the extend of being bland. You get shreds of chicken along with other ingredients, unlike those chicken soup whereby you can only taste the soup and nothing else.

Garlic bread (9/10)

This garlic bread proves that even the most simple and common food can taste extraordinary, if they make the effort to do so. I love the aroma and taste of the garlic flavourings on the bread that was baked to a crisp.

Spicy beef fajitas (7/10)

My hub said it's so-so only. I can't testify for that as I don't take beef. He likes my fajitas though.

Chicken and mushroom fajitas (9/10)

The meat is grilled to perfection and it goes very well with the sauce. Fill your flour tortillas with the grilled meat, etc and you have got yourself a very yummy and filling treat!

Chocolate Fudge (9/10)

All my recent meals come with a dessert. How sinful! Big tummy lah, added weight lah, blah blah blah... :P Well, the taste and satisfaction seems to make up for everything.

The waitresses/waiters were very prompt in responding to our needs. Our drinks were frequently refilled. What impresses me more is the speed at which the food were served. I wasn't even done with my soup when the main course came in.

It gives me a very hip and trendy feel. Very inviting.

Around $37 for two very filling set meals. Quite a good deal, I should say.

Marina Square


ilovepearly said...

Yea, I would like a tissue dispenser like that too! Also that garlic bread always get to me, mmmm...yummie

Food Lover said...

Right! :) And I thought the tissue box looks really cute...

InspiredMumof2 said...

I thought the choc fudge looks so irresistable. I'm a chocolate fan..hehe

Food Lover said...

Me too! I like my ice-cream in chocolate flavour or with chocolate fudge/chips added to it. Studies have shown that eating chocolates can make one happy. (more excuses for eating it guilt-free). hehs...