Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shin Kushiya

Most of the restaurants in Vivocity that we wanted to go to had long queues at the entrance. So we decided to go for this Japanese Restaurant with the shortest queue. We didn't have to wait for more than 5 minutes before it's our turn.


Salmon Sashimi

That had to be the first time I see salmon sashimi served on ice.

Garlic Rice (9/10)

My hub and I liked it very much. It really brings out the fragrance in both the garlic and the rice. What a great combination. Yums!

Left to Right (all 'xin' dishes, marked as recommended)

1) Chizu Maki - Mozzorella cheese wrapped with pork slice (7/10)
Initially, I thought it's pork topped with cheese, but it seemed like it's cheese wrapped with pork slice. Now, that's a lot of cheese! Something unique worth trying.

2) Gyu Karubi - Beef

3) Nikuzume Shiitake - Mushroom with chicken fillings (9/10)
This is a wonderful creation! The mushroom is soft, the chicken filling, tasty. Grilled to perfection.

4) Tsukune - Minced Chicken (9/10)
One bite and I know it's very well-marinaded. Good stuff!

Shoyo Yaki Onigiri - Rice (6/10)

Basically grilled rice. Nothing special about it.

Hotate Maki scallop wrapped with pork slice - (3/10)

I don't like the strong fishy taste and smell that comes with it.


Kuro goma heaven - Black sesame ice cream w home made black sesame cream and choc wafer (6/10)

To be fair, the slightly lower rating is due to the fact that I don't like the taste of black sesame. The chocolate wafer tasted better.

Pretty prompt and friendly service


It's the black and red theme again!

$60 plus for both of us. My hub said that it's pretty value for money, since we ordered such a variety.



InspiredMumof2 said...

Wah, your pictures zoom so much makes me drool..haha
I'm a regular at Vivo too. Next time I'll go try this.

Food Lover said...

heheh the pictures I took often make me hungry too. kekeke yeah, you should give it a try. :)

Al said...

When I fly to SIngapore, I will know where to eat. Thanks!

Food Lover said...

You are welcome, Al! :) We have a lot of good food here in Singapore.

I went to Malaysia some time back. I like the food there too. :)