Sunday, November 18, 2007

Aji-Teh Revisited

We were at Sim Lim shopping for gadgets. We managed to get what we wanted except for a photo printer. Bought a S&M adventure game too! It was rather ex... Forty plus, but I guess it's pretty worth it as we can play the game together and relive the times when we first played the very first season. :)

I was pretty hungry after all the walking (we passed by certain shops for at least 5 times!) and we decided to find a place to settle our dinner. My big fat mouth shouted excitedly, 'We could go to Bugi---s' Before I finished my sentence, I knew I am in for it. Still, I tried my luck to change the topic, but to no avail. My hub cheekily replied, 'ya hor, we can go to BUGIS Aji-teh to have dinner'. My hub was full of grins when he said, 'I didn't think of that place until you mentioned' Thanks lor! >_<"

It's not that I detest Japanese food. It's just that I have very limited choice of food where Japanese food is concerned and we have it almost every week. >_<"

Some Corn Butter Ramen (8/10)

8 is for the soup! Unfortunately, the ramen tasted like rubber bands. It's a good thing that I wasn't the one who ordered it. :P My hub didn't even finish half of it.

Curry Katsu Don (9/10)

One of the best I have tasted. The pork was crisp on the outside, as it should be. The curry was mild and yet thick enough to satisfy my taste buds.

I told my hub that I don't have to worry again if he were to come to Aji-Teh often. At least I now have a favourite dish to rely on.

My words came a bit too soon because later at night, I puked my dinner out. Of course, I wouldn't say it's the definitely the Curry Katsu Don that I have eaten. But I am very much inclined to think that way because that's the last thing I had before it 'happened'. :P




wow!!! this is what i call a FOOD BLOG!!! ur blog so yummy!!! thanks for sharing!! a big big cheers to u:) take care n godbless

Food Lover said...

Hey Aron, thanks for visiting. :) Interesting website you have there! :P