Sunday, May 20, 2007

Aji-teh Japanese Restaurant

Q : Why do we have Japanese food almost every week?
A : My hub loves Japanese food, especially salmon sushi
Q : Why does my hub love salmon sushi leh?
A : My brother intro him one lor!

Thanks to my brother, my hub and I are here in a Japanese Restaurant AGAIN. We need to go to bugis to get some things done and Aji-Teh seemed to be the only choice for having a Japanese meal there.



I ordered this.

I don't know why, but the first time I had this, I could have given a 8 or 9 out of 10. The second time, a 7. Now, I only have 6 to offer. *ponders*

My hub's one taste better than mine.

I didn't quite like the dessert the first time I had it. But when I gave it a second chance, it taste not bad! I give it a 7.

The 2 people in the next table ordered at 2 main courses and maybe 5 other side dishes! If only I could take photos of what is on their table. I wonder how many days were they starved :P



Poor coordination among staff. One of the staff said that we can take a table in a moment's time. The other came along and ask us to take a number and to queue up all over again!

One of the staff delivered the wrong meal to me and even claimed that he is right until another came along. Staff there are really blur lor.

When we asked whether we can pay the bill at our table or we have to go to the cashier, the staff actually nodded and said 'ok'. Grr...


$39 for the above. Hmm... slight on the ex side.

200 Victoria Street,
Bugis Junction


ice said...

tink now there's alot more choices for jap@bugis!MOF (L2) & sakae teppan@basement(bad news for u..coz your hub will LURVE that) LOL!

Food Lover said...

LOL. I think I better delete your comments before he sees it. kekeke kidding. thanks for the update. :)