Monday, May 21, 2007

Ramen Ramen Singapore

I was rather reluctant to enter because the name sounded so unfamiliar to me and there were only two person in the restaurant! My hub insisted that we gave it a try, so we went in.

I was greeted by these pictures on the wall.

Aren't those pictures of happy people eating ramen attractive? If I have lots of money, I would want to decorate the walls in my house with huge wallpapers too! :D

Soon, we were served the green tea we ordered. Just look at how unique the cup is!

My hub said it is ergonomical. I tried lifting up the cup and indeed it is! Wow. If only I have such cups for my use at home! Then I asked my hub, "What about those left-handers?" He went -_-'' and said, "Don't know lah" heheh Me and my 10000 questions. :D

Came my hub's set meal - Ramen Ramen Ramen (dun ask me why the dish repeats the word Ramen three times) and Salmon.

I ordered the Ramen Ramen Ramen too, but without the set. According to the waitress, it consist of Japanese Char Siew, seaweed and egg.


It doesn't look the least appetizing eh? But voila, it is good man! I was already full halfway through, but I kept stuffing the ramen and the soup into my mouth. Heh! So glad that my hub chose to enter this restaurant.

Casual. But very quiet environment coz there were not many people around.

The service was generally good. The waitress was friendly and patiently told us the ingredients in the dish when asked.

It only cost us $26 plus. Quite a good deal.

60B Orchard Road#01-16A,
The Atrium@Orchard

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