Sunday, May 6, 2007


We were looking for some place to have our dinner after our Best Denki visit at Taka. For the whole stretch of high-end restaurants (eg Pariss, Imperial Nan Bei Restaurant, etc), Breeks seemed to be the only choice that matches the limited size of our wallet. >_<

For quite a long time, I have not heard this sentence 'The soup of the day is cream of mushroom'. I was so delighted when the waiter announced so, as this is the only soup I would love to take.

Mushroom soup (7/10)
It turned out that this soup is very much to my liking. It's rich and creamy. The downside is, there are not much mushrooms in the soup. I wonder if it is because they were closing soon... *ponders*

Fish and Chips (7/10)

The fish and chips I ordered were served pretty fast. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Not too bad! The fries are not too good, though. Perhaps it was left in the cold for a while already and doesn't have the crunch effect that I always look for in fries.

Grilled fish (6/10)

The fish that my hub ordered was rather attention-grabbing. Almost all the people around us turned to look when it came sizzling its way to our table. With many eyes still in our direction, I felt too paiseh to take a photo of it, but my hub dearest was very supportive of my interest and took the photo for me. It wasn't in the angle that I wanted and I even complained that I have to do a bit of photoshopping with the photo he took. :P But the truth is, I was really appreciative.

Anyways, I took a bite and didn't really like it. My hub finished up the whole plate, though.



Dim lights, moderately quiet

Pretty prompt. Appreciate the 'grand' entrance and exit with their unison greetings, but would prefer to keep a low profile.

$36 - quite reasonable.

391A Orchard Road
#05-29, Ngee Ann City

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