Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sticky Rice 2

Perhaps it's just very convenient, being located just at the entrance of AMK Hub, my hub and I found ourselves in Sticky Rice restaurant again, despite the fact that there are many other restaurants in that shopping centre waiting for us to conquer.

Even before I take my seat, I told my hub, "I want the Chicken Fried Rice I took the other time". See how much I miss my Fried Rice? Hee...

Thai Food


Chicken Fried Rice (8/10)

It's slightly more oily this time, but taste just as good as the other time. No regrets on choosing this dish again.

Glass Noodle (9/10)

My hub's glass noodle taste really good too. It's so good that I helped myself to at least three forkfuls of it. If I wasn't worried that my hub would not have his fill, I could have gobbled up the whole plate. heh! I wanna order this on our next visit!!

Seabass salad (5/10)

Ok, I confess that this order was made by me. The first question that both of us asked when we took our first bite was, 'Where is the fish meat'? We were expecting fish in salad or something along that line (the bubble above my head shows the fish we had at Lao Beijing), but we were served crispy 'flakes' instead. Although it does have some fish flavour, but it taste and look very much like the Malay tauhu telor. It costs $8.90 only. Maybe that's why. :P

Overall, I had a very good meal there until I turned over to see what the two girls beside our table took. Just 2 or 3 vegetable dishes... no rice, no noodles. Very diet. kwa kwa... thanks for making me guilty hor! >_<''


As per previous post

Pretty prompt. Smiley faces all the time.

Got a good deal again. $27.

Ang Mo Kio Hub

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