Friday, May 4, 2007

Carl's Junior Criss-Cut Fries

It's been nearly two years since I last saw my 'net friend', J. Initially, I was rather afraid that we might run out of topics to talk about, especially when I am someone who needs a loooot of warming up and ice-breaking before I can enter into a hearty conversation. It seems like my worries were unfounded. J and I had just as much to talk about in person, as when we chatted online. I guess we just really have too much in common. :P

When I suggested to go Carls Junior, this resourceful lobang queen actually printed $2 discount vouchers from the web. That really came in useful because Carl's Junior food ain't cheap!

I was a bit sheepish when I took out the camera to take photos of my faaavvourite, ever-so-sinful, criss-cut fries because I was not too sure I will be embarassing her by taking photos of food in the public. I explained to her that I have just developed this new interest in taking photos of food and putting them up on the blog. It only made me more paiseh when she gave a chuckle. Then she told me that she also had the habit of taking photos of desserts! LOL! say so lah... :D She even helped me to position the burgers to faciliate my photoshoot. hahah

Fish Sandwich (5/10)
My fish sandwich burger wasn't really nice as it has the fishy smell in it. :( It's portion is enough to feed someone who hasn't eaten for one day. :P

We wondered for a while, the difference between a charboiled and the Santa Fe Burger, but didn't manage to come to a conculsion. heh! This is her Santa Fe Chicken Burger. It certainly looks much tastier than mine.

Criss Cut Fries (10/10)
I have just had my Carl's Junior exactly a week ago. Seriously, I don't really fancy the burgers here. They are dry, messy and huge enough to make you feel guilty for the wastage. The only reason why I suggested this place is to take photo of this. My crispy, tasty criss-cut fries. *crunch crunch*

Fast food

As above

Typical fast food restaurant setting

A young staff came to us and asked if he could help to fill our soft drinks because he was free. Heee... I thought that was really nice of him.

For fast food, the price is generally quite steep. For that criss-cut fries, every cent is worth spending!

Marina Square

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