Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New York New York

Super long queues outside New York New York is a common sight, especially during meal times. Even Jacky Wu mentioned this restaurant in his show. It certainly arouses the curiosity of many on whether if the food in this restaurant is THAT good. At least, it does make my hub and I wanna queue up when there are 'only' four different groups in front of us.

We didn't have to wait long before we were directed to a table right at the end. The menu certainly looked very attractive to us as we scan through the list of food items. We decided to go for the food items marked 'gotta have it'.

We ordered the Fiery Buffalo wings, Creamy Spaghetti with Pork Chop (for me) and Spare Ribs (for my hub). Can't remember the exact fanciful names for the two mains. Our verdict? 'Why the queue ah?'


Rating 7/10 (for me) 5/10 (for my hub)

Fiery Buffalo wings (7/10)
The Fiery Buffalo wings were not bad but nothing really fantastic about it.

Pasta with Pork Chop (7/10)
I went 'yuuummm' for my first few bites of my main. It's creamy delicious and the pork chop went very well with it. However, when I was halfway through the meal, the same creamy taste that I liked the meal for, became a burden to my stomach and I just couldn't finish it. -_-''

Spare Ribs (6/10)
The spare ribs looked extremely appetising and we couldn't wait to set our fork and knife on it. It was kinda a disappointment because it really didn't match up to its appearance. My hub didn't like it at all and he had to dig into my spaghetti and finish up the buffalo wings to have his fill. The spare ribs were still of acceptable to me (I am very chin chye mah), but strangely, it tasted and looked like duck meat to me. *roll eyes* :P

Candy Floss (8/10)
There were no room in our stomach for dessert so we decided not to go for the dessert. We did harbour thoughts of twirling a stick of candy floss from the candy floss machine (yes, they allow hands-on), but decided not to, as the long queue of people was formed just in front of the candy machine. :P As much as we wanted so much to lay our hands and teeth on the candy floss, both of us were too paiseh to even get near the machine.

When we were to about to exit, my dearest hub finally gave in and took the ready-made candy floss from the machine, but not without asking me a few times, 'take ah?' in front of the people at the queue, to show that it was ME who wanted it. LOL! So cute of him. :D

The candy floss was really sweet and some melted on my lips before I even get to taste it. I can't help but giving it more and more nibbles. Guess I really have a deprived childhood because as far as I can remember, I would have only have tasted candy floss once? My husband felt that it is not up to the standard and that the pink candy floss he has tasted was so much better. On the contrary, I felt it tasted great! I nibbled so many times at the candy floss with so much joy and delight on my face that he can't help but taste it again to confirm that he didn't miss out anything that I seemed to be experiencing. LOL! He's really adorable. Love him! :D

Restaurant suitable for gatherings and chats

Service is normal, but good enough.


Ang Mo Kio Hub

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