Monday, April 30, 2007

Sticky Rice

We were starving and needed to get food fast. At a late hour of 840pm, there are still queues forming at the entrance of restaurants. So we decided to settle for Sticky Rice, with only two customers in front of us. We got seated in less than a minute because we don't mind taking the seat at the entrance.



Pandan Chicken (7/10)
The Pandan chicken really fragrant and tastes especially good when dipped into the Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Fried Rice with chicken (9/10)

The Fried Rice was yummy! And I am pretty sure it wasn't because of the hunger. :P The rice is moist so I believe some people might not like it.

Stick Rice Mango (3/10)
The Sticky Rice Mango is a famous Thai dessert, but I do not fancy it at all. Sorry, but I even had that 'yikey' look when I took my first bite. My hub said it's supposed to be like this, even though he felt he has eaten better versions of this in Thailand. When asked for a rating for this dessert, he gave only a 5.

Crowded and a bit weird for our table coz it's almost at the passage way


Pretty good. The waiter even warned us the dish we initially wanted to order is very salty and not everyone can take it.

He actually squat down to take our orders. With him at almost the same level as us, it not only helps us not to physically strain our neck and his back during communication, it also brings about a friendly feel.

Refills water promptly when asked. He gave me warm water instead of the cold water I wanted, but that's ok. Just something minor.Price
Very good value for money. For two tasty fried rice, 1 pandan chicken and 1 dessert, it only costs us about $30?

Ang Mo Kio Hub

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