Friday, April 20, 2007

Waraku Japanese Restaurant

My husband is a huge fan of Japanese food. This is especially so after my Brother introduced the raw salmon sushi to him in a buffet. He was addicted to that ever since.

Being assigned as the 'planner' for his birthday, I know Japanese food has to be on at least one of the meals for the day. I searched through the Japanese restaurants online. This is the only restaurant that has good reviews and is affordable (I came across one that charges $60 for a bowl of rice or something. Haiyo!)

Japanese Food

I ordered Chicken Curry Rice. It came in two different sizes, so I took the 'regular', which turned out that it was the bigger size of the two! It's so big, I can even put my whole face into the bowl! -_-''

In any case, it was really tasty. The curry was mild and is suitable for non-chilli
takers like me.

My hub ordered some Pork Rice and sushi.

We saw on the menu that there will be a complimentary fruit platter worth $15! (what expensive fruits!) for those whose birthday falls on that day of patronage. Naturally, we asked for it after the meal. The presentation was very elaborate but the fruits were not very sweet. Still, we really felt that we have had a good deal to have something worth $15 for free. LOL!


Nice Japanese Setting

Pretty ok. They shifted us to a bigger and more comfortable table as there were not much people around.

Reasonable too

51 Cuppage Road#01-12
Star Hub Centre Singapore 229469

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