Friday, April 27, 2007

KFC Meltz

This is what I have for lunch. I first had Meltz when I was in Genting last October. I wonder why it took them so long to introduce this product in Singapore. :P

The Meltz Meal

Fast food

Ratings : 7/10
It looks quite a balanced meal for it includes coleslaw as well. The meltz itself is quite tasty. I changed my whipped potato to fries (for very obvious reasons) and the drinks to hot tea. Notice how small that cup of tea is? I have no idea why they downgraded to this size. It's a satisfying meal on the whole.


I went to the Boon Lay Branch. I had to wait for a very long time because the person in front of us took a very long time while the other queue is moving really fast. They should have combined the two queues to one so that it's fair to everybody, no?


Quite reasonable for a meal with two side dishes.

Jurong Point KFC

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