Friday, April 20, 2007

My Secret Garden

I was cracking my brain to find a place to celebrate my hub's birthday.

The name of this restaurant caught my attention and I was enticed to solve the 'mystery' of this 'Secret' Garden by finding out more. I learnt from the website ( that it's a very nice and cosy place where many functions and surprises were arranged. What really prompted me to pick up the phone to reserve a table was the many appetite-whetting photos of the food that was placed on its website. You really gotta visit it to know what I mean.

It was stated on the website that they will plan birthday/proposal surprises and what nots, so I thought of giving it a try. A rather friendly lady picked up the call to take my reservation. She did not give other interesting ideas on how I could surprise my hub, other than presenting him with a hot fudge brownie with a candle on top after the main course. This, I thought, is rather common and not as innovative as what the website claimed. Nevertheless, it's still better than nothing so I decided to go for it and asked the lady to go ahead with the serving right after the main course.

I have read about how secluded this place is (It's a SECRET garden, mind you!) so I decided to take a cab instead. Even then, the taxi driver do not know where to drop us. We had to call up the restaurant to ask for directions. Fortunately, the person who picked up the call gave very clear instructions and we managed to find the place in no time. When we reached there, he was still giving directions to other customers who lost their way too! LOL!


Although I usually prefer tomato sauce ones, the photos on the website made me wanna order creamy pasta instead. Just as we were about to order, a waitress walked passed with a Roast Chicken main course. I tell ya, it smells and looks so good that I changed my mind immediately. :P

The main course were not bad (7/10), but it certainly smells and looks better than it tastes. Perhaps that explains why I plunged into the meal without taking a photo of it. :P

What really made this trip worthwhile is this heart-shaped chocolate brownie with ice cream, which I am going to give a 10/10 for!

I have eaten brownies and ice cream quite a number of times before, but it was never this heavenly! I am so glad that I was still able to hold myself back for a few seconds to take a photo of that before I launched the attack. Tee-hee!

It really depends on where you choose to be seated at. In the outdoor area, it's relaxed, cozy and very suitable for gatherings of three or more.
We were seated indoors, where it is more romantic and quiet with soft jazz music in the background. No bermudas and slippers are allowed in this area.

From the phone reservation to the directions given to go to the place, to the taking of orders and the serving of the food, we were served by patient and friendly staff. I would have given 5 full smiley faces if not for a slight grouse I have. The staff actually came up to me and ask if I can serve that brownie. I thought that was supposed to be a surprise? >_<'' What's more, it was communicated over the phone that the dessert be served right after the main course. Apart from that, the service was really good.

I don't know if this is considered fine dining, but in my definition, it certainly is! We spent slightly more than a hundred for a lobster bisque, 2 main courses, 1 dessert and 2 drinks. So I am giving 'full marks' for the price. :P

161 Middle Road
Singapore 188978
Tel: 6334-8334

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