Saturday, November 24, 2007

Organic Cafe Xperience

JN and I had just so much to talk about, we know we have to meet again. Poor JN was caught up at work, so while waiting for her, I had ample time to do some shopping and explore Novena Square 1 & 2 thoroughly. It was fruitful as I managed to get christmas presents for all my sisters. One less thing on my very long to-do list... :P

When JN arrived, I suggested that we go 'park' ourselves somewhere instead of shifting to another place for dessert after dinner.

All the talk about organic food has gotten me curious. I asked JN if we can go to Organic Cafe Xperience, as I have read a few good comments about this place and she readily agreed.


Carrot Soup (8/10)
I thought that was one good soup and a good change from the usual corn/chicken/mushroom soup. The vegetables on top of the soup broke the monotony of the all-carrot flavour. Anybody care to enlighten me on what this vegetable is called? It's always spotted in organic dishes, somehow...

JN and I were pretty undecided over what to choose for the main course. Both of us couldn't decide between the Grilled Chicken and Fish and Chips as they looked equally good. It was like a minute later that we realised that we can actually share the two main courses! ^-^>

Fish and Chips (8/10)
Not too bad. I like the crumpy crust of the fish.

Grilled Chicken (8/10)
The sauce was good. This photo tells pretty much eh?

Our dessert (8/10)
You can't go wrong with a chocolate ice-cream... :) oh, unless you are talking about KXXX's ice-cream. :P

Their waitresses/waiters are friendly but too on the ball, clearing plates and showing our bills when we are not ready to leave yet. :P

Typical cafe

$15.90++ for set meal of soup, main course, dessert and drink. Pretty value for money

Novena Square

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