Sunday, November 18, 2007

Xiao Xuan Feng Revisited

Just before watching 'The Bee Movie'...

This menu looked good. The black chicken didn't appeal to me though. :P

I was like o_O when I saw such a big bottle of lime juice. When the waitress saw my reaction, she laughed and said, 'too big a bottle, eh?' The lime juice's not bad. Not too sour.

Black Chicken soup (3/10)
Ok, that's my biased rating because I don't like black chicken in the first place. Those who like tonic-ky soup would probably find this superb.

Fried Rice (7/10)
Pretty dry. Still, it managed to satisfy my craving for fried rice that day.

Chye Sim (7/10)
Pretty ordinary.

Fish (8/10)
The thin coating of the sauce on the smooth and tender fish complements the dish very well.

Mango pudding (3/10)
Both of us didn't like it.

Almond Jelly with longan (9/10)
Always a safe bet and always my choice of dessert. Cooling and refreshing!

I have always liked the smell of almond. When I was young, Ah Mah liked to cook Almond Agar Agar for us. I would help her with the nitty gritties like stirring the mixture and opening up the almond syrup bottle. I used to spend a good 5 minutes sniffing (like a drug addict) the aroma of the almond syrup. I only stopped doing so when my Ah Mah asked for the syrup to be poured into the mixture. :P

My hub used to loathe the smell and taste of Almond. That's something I cannot comprehend... :P Anyway, he has opened himself up to the wonderful world of Almond recently.
If he is going to be a convert, this bowl of Almond Jelly certainly played a big and important part. He actually liked it! :)

$38++ for the meal (excluding drinks)


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