Monday, November 5, 2007


The Japanese restaurant my hub wanted to go to was under renovation. The advertisements for this new restaurant caught our attention. The menu looks good and price are pretty reasonable too.

Singapore Chinese Food! The cover of the menu shows 'Singapore Inspired Cuisine'. Wow. Our very own 'brand'. I look forward to the day when this restaurant expands to other countries and do us Singaporeans proud! :)


String Beans (8/10)

Cruncheee.. :)

Cz'zars pork chop in special sauce (8/10)

I forgot the full name for this dish, but it was sweet and flavourful.

Beancurd dish (7/10)

Pretty ordinary. I asked my hub if the darker tofu indicated that it is of a different flavour. It turned out that the difference in colour is because the darker one was more burnt than the rest, that's all! LOL.

Glass Jelly (6/10)

We were given 2 glasses of free glass jelly dessert because we presented a certain credit card (can't remember which one though). Glass Jelly was never my favourite, nor cherry, nor aloe vera. I took a few bites of glass jelly but finished up the aloe vera. Thanks to my hub who kept reminding me that aloe vera is good for the face. I can only say that women would do anything that is believed to make themselves prettier. :P

Durian Pudding (9/10)

I was really full by the time I finished the aloe vera. So when my hub wanted to share with me another dessert, I told him I can only take one spoon of it.

There was no stopping after I took my first bite of the durian pudding. It was so smooth and delicious that I ate slightly more than half of it. :P It's not too sweet and you can even taste the durian chunks. My hub cheekily asked, "I thought you only want to have one spoonful?" >_<"

Pretty 'class' with red and black as their theme.

Their service was good and the waiters and waitresses were friendly throughout, until it came to billing. We have to wait around 15 minutes for the credit card to be returned.


Slightly above kopitiam's tze char's price.


Great World City #01-371
Kim Seng Promenade (S)237994


InspiredMumof2 said...

Haven't tried this before at Vivo although I frequent there :-)

I have to agree there are so many good food in Singapore!

Food Lover said...

Thanks for visiting, Inspired Mum of 2!

The Cz'zar I went to is at Great World City. The food is nice. You should try it someday. :)

Your website's interesting. Your cupcakes are lovely! :)

InspiredMumof2 said...

Thanks, your pictures are nice too. Will catch up with your posts ;-)