Thursday, December 20, 2007

Master Chef

Anchorpoint reveals its new looks! I wanted so much to have a meal at the 'Disney Naturally', but my hub was too embarrassed to enter that restaurant full of parents and kids. :P So we went to the food court instead.

We ordered the Shredded Pork rice set, which comes with vegetables, soup and rice (of course).

Shredded Pork (8/10)

Vegetables (8/10)

The two dishes were generally not bad. But the rice, a very basic requirement in this set, was such a huge disappointment. The rice was so hard, we have difficulty chewing and swallowing. We are fine with overnight food, but at least they should try to steam it up or something to make it edible?

$6.50 per set

Anchor point
370 Alexandra Road

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