Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant 2

After my previous visit to Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, I knew I had to return again. For the good food, and for proving my hub wrong when he said that I find the food tasty because I was hungry. :P I got my mother to come along with me this time.

The dishes were pretty much the same, except one.

Hotplate Chicken (6/10)

It was really good initially. When it came sizzling and placed before us. The meat was tender and the sauce was complementing. However, when it cooled down, it turned for the worse. The meat hardened and even my chin-chye mother couldn't bring herself to eat it. :P
The rest of the dishes were the same as before...

... and much to my delight, my mother has agreed that this fried rice is exceptional! :D