Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant

I've got this 30% discount voucher for Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant and I just have to use it, somehow. *women and their discounts* :P



Minced chicken stuffed omelette (8/10)

Prawn Tom Yam Soup (9/10)

It tasted so authentic, I was instantly reminded of that bowl of fantastic Tom Yam Soup I had back in Phuket. :)~~~

Thai Style Fried Rice/Crabmeat (10/10)

I tell ya, I have never eaten such tasty fried rice before. Even Chen Fu Ji's fried rice is not his match. The rice was soft and not oily. Flavourful yet not overwhelming. I noticed that fried rice cooked with crabmeat just taste exceptionally good. Coincidental? Hmm... Who cares! :)

Thai Kailan with Shitake (8/10)


Nice Deco.

$30+ after discount. Value for money. :D

260 Orchard Road
#05-02A The Heeren

All these dishes are enough to keep me coming back, not to mention that there are so many yummy dishes on the menu that I have not tried! If I am a rich tai tai, I will make sure that I patronise this restaurant at least thrice a week. No, no, correction. If I am a rich tai tai, I will hire the chef to teach me how to cook! Ok, dream on.

Although my hub had no complaints about the food, he felt that I have overrated the dishes. He insisted that my hunger caused me to make a skewed judgement of the food quality. He is one annoying critic. >_<

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